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Formed in 2001, L-1 is a privately held corporation which designs and builds the highest performance scientific equipment for optical radiometry.

L-1 Standards and Technology, Inc. is the premier builder of primary standard instruments used by national measurement laboratories and government organizations to meet their most demanding applications for radiometric measurements. L-1 has extensive experience with cryogenic vacuum systems and space qualified hardware.


Customers include both international and domestic private companies, universities and government laboratories including:

• NIST (USA)  • Space Dynamics Laboratory (USA)  • Johnsen Ultravac (Canada)  • S-P Lab (Sweden)  • ISRO-SAC (India)  • CNAM (France)

• PTB (Germany)  • NRC (Canada)  • CSIC (Spain)  • INMETRO (Brazil)  • NMNV (Netherlands)  • TP/COM (Poland)  • The Scripps Research Institute (USA)

• ITRI (Taiwan)  • METAS (Swiss)  • AIOFM (China)  • LANL (USA)  • JPL (USA)  • Boeing (USA)


L-1's Vision


To provide excellent customer service and unparalleled product lines as a globally recognized builder of absolute radiometry and standards for scientific, commercial and government facilities worldwide.


L-1's Mission


As a leading builder of optical radiometry products and services, L-1's mission is to:


  • determine and fulfill our customers' immediate and future requirements for standards, measurements and services;
  • conduct and implement innovative research in optical radiometry science and technology;
  • create, disseminate and apply expert knowledge to enhance productivity, efficiency and quality of life;
  • develop and promote the value and significance of our products and services.


L-1 Milestones


L-1 Standards and Technology, Inc. acquired the cryogenic radiometer line of Cambridge Research & Instrumentation, Inc. (CRI) in 2001. This product line includes the LaserRad-II, CryoRad (ACR), and the CryoRad-II primary standard electrical-substitution radiometers. CRI was a pioneer in commercializing the field of primary optical power measurements, giving laboratories around the world access to state-of-the-art instruments for use as national standards. L-1 continues to build these instruments, while introducing new versions with even lower noise, wider dynamic range, longer helium hold times and the option of mechanical cooling.


L-1 is pleased to offer the new TC-04 radiometer electronics, a significant upgrade of the existing TC-02 electronics. This new system increases power resolution from 10 pW to 100 fW with a proportional decrease in measurement noise. All electronic boards and key components are temperature controlled to better than 0.1 K. The uncertainty of the power measurement scale is <10 ppm from 25 mW to 1 μW. The TC-04 electronics also include a number of software enhancements and measurement options that significantly impact measurement quality and user effort. The TC-04 incorporates a feed-forward control algorithm in the heater servos which significantly reduces the measurement time, allowing more measurements to be performed in a shorter time.


L-1 has developed a range of support items for ambient calibration work such as trap detectors, ultra-precision, ultra-stable amplifiers and temperature controllers.


L-1 also produces cryogenic items such as blackbodies, mirrors, monochromators, mechanical motion, choppers, stepper motors, electronics, and detectors.

Dr. Steven R. Lorentz is a world renowned physicist who started L-1 Standards and Technology, Inc. in 2001 after seeing a needed opportunity for a company to produce cryogenic radiometers for various facilities worldwide. Dr. Lorentz brings decades of experience in optical radiometry and physics from his studies at the University of Oklahoma and his work at the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST).

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