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The Model 3100-1L Temperature Controller is a precision control unit which provides closed loop temperature control of Peltier thermo-electric coolers/heaters at the <+/- 0.001 °C level. The controller is a microprocessor based unit with an Ethernet interface which communicates through TCP/IP. The controller is optimized for use with L-1 Standards and Technology Inc.’s line of temperature controlled detectors which include silicon photodiode trap detectors, single element silicon photodiodes, InGaAs photodiodes, extended-IGA photodiodes and a 3-detector Windowed Integrating Sphere Assembly that covers from 350 nm to 2400 nm in a single device. The Model 3100 comes in 3 versions: 1L – a low power model for single detectors; 3L – three channel model to operate the detectors in the Integrating Sphere Detector, and 1H – which is a higher power single channel model used for custom temperature control applications.


The temperature controller, when sold as part of a detector package, is preconfigured to operate the detector automatically. All that is required is to connect the cabling and power the unit on. The controller will then maintain the preset temperature on the detector. If you wish to log data to a computer or change settings then an Ethernet

connection is required. The temperature controller is delivered with a LabVIEW virtual instrument driver that will allow control and data logging from the controller using the customer supplied LabVIEW program.



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