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L-1 Standards and Technology provides custom research and design to meet the needs of individual customers. Please visit the various unique projects that L-1 is involved with as examples of the wide range of services that can be provided.

Custom Research & Design


Custom research and design requests are always welcome. We continually try new ideas and work to push the boundaries wherever possible. Please contact us directly about your custom needs.


Custom projects are a specialty of L-1, such as the 10CC infrared collimator (image below), which was delivered to the LBIR facility at NIST. The 10CC is a cryogenic infrared collimator operating at <20 K, producing a highly collimated beam of infrared radiation in a low-background environment.

Approached by several different customers to modify the usable wavelength range of Texas Instruments’ digital micromirror devices (DMD), L-1 has developed techniques to replace the factory windows with customized windows for wavelengths from the UV to the thermal IR. This expands the use of DMD’s to include new applications such as infrared spectral light engines and various medical research.

L-1's instrument Visual Calibration Target (VCT) contribution to the RBI project which will fly on JPSS-2. The Radiation Budget Instrument (RBI) is a scanning radiometer capable of measuring Earth’s reflected sunlight and emitted thermal radiation.

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