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L-1 Standards and Technology, Inc. builds the highest performance instruments for absolute radiometry. Products include cryogenic radiometers, photodiode trap detectors, transimpedance amplifiers, cryogenic motors and drivers, detector mounts, infrared sources, bath and cryogenic blackbodies, custom optics, modified digital mirror devices with custom windows, as well as custom research and design.


Below are some of our products:

  • Temperature Controller Model 3100
  • CryoRad Accessories
  • Custom Research & Design
  • Transimpedance Amplifier
  • Detector Comparator Rotary System
  • Photodiode Trap Detectors
  • TC-04 CryoRad Controller
  • CryoRad I Radiometers
  • CryoRad II Radiometers
  • CryoRad III Radiometers

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