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Be an important team player on a multidisciplinary team!


L-1 Standards and Technology, Inc. is a physicist owned corporation founded in 2001 that designs and develops new technologies in precision optical instrumentation for primary standards in laboratories and climate measurements from space.


Get a chance to contribute to globally and socially important projects!

  • Design flight instruments that help answer questions about global warming


Why work at L-1?

  • Lots of job variety! Assist in various aspects of product development, assembly, testing, analysis and installation
  • Participate in projects at high level US government sites such as NASA and NOAA
  • Possibility of foreign travel
  • Accelerated experience opportunities


Employee Benefits:

  • Casual environment & Competitive Salaries
  • Personal/Vacation and Holiday Pay
  • Medical, Dental & Vision Plans
  • Optical Radiometry at L-1:

    Precise measurement of any wavelength of light using cryogenic radiometers operating around 4 degrees Kelvin with both solid state and thermal detectors.

  • How Cryogenic Radiometers Measure Light:

    Cryogenic radiometers are used to measure light through the use of black cavities designed to near perfectly absorb all wavelengths of light. Sources of measurement error are removed by cryogenic design and superconductors.

  • Primary Standards at L-1:

    L-1’s cryogenic radiometers are used by national laboratories around the world to establish scales disseminated to industry, space organizations and militaries to ensure agreement between nations in measured quantities of light and the scientific accuracy of these measurements.

  • Climate Measurements from Space:

    Low uncertainly measurements of the amount of light coming from the sun, the amount of sunlight reflected by the Earth and the infrared thermal energy radiated by the Earth. L-1 currently has its NISTAR instrument in space on the DSCOVR mission. Projects are ongoing at L-1 to put more climate measuring instruments in space.

Optical radiometry, cryogenic radiometers, primary standards, climate measurements from space! What do these terms mean at L-1?

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